25: #15 The Future of our Food — regional, seasonal, socially fair? (English Episode)

Did you know that in Germany, we throw around 12 million metric tons of food into the trash can each year? And 52% of that food waste alone is generated in private households.

And on top of that — living in a climate crisis — the Global food production accounts for more than one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions from the production of animal foods are almost twice as high as those from the production of plant foods.

Not to mention the costs of transportation of food created by imports and exports or the amount of meat we eat. Health is another important issue, because currently 70% of all deaths in Europe can be ascribed to non-communicable diseases that are affected by what and how much we eat.

So with all these aspects in mind, we invited Dr. José Luis Vicente Vicente and Beatrice Walthall to the podcast. They both work at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape (ZALF) in the project FOODSHIFT2030 which aims to make our food systems more sustainable.

This is our very first English episode of querFELDein-Podcast. If you would like to know more about the subject take a look at this article on our blog (only in German): https://www.quer-feld-ein.blog/finden/gemeinsam-zurueck-in-die-ernaehrungszukunft-das-projekt-foodshift-2030/

Learn more about FoodSHIFT2030 on their website: https://foodshift2030.eu

Baumhaus Berlin: https://www.baumhausberlin.de

Ernährungsrat Berlin: https://ernaehrungsrat-berlin.de/foodshift2030/

Learn more about the „Lebensmittelpunkte” or Food Hubs here: https://lebensmittelpunkte-berlin.de/ and here https://ernaehrungsrat-berlin.de/lebensmittelpunkte/



For feedback and suggestions write us at querfeldein(at)zalf.de

For this episode we used the sound “20131119_Beeping at a cash desk_ZoomH6YX.wav” by Soundscape_Leuphana, found on www.freesound.org (unchanged).



Cover image: © Elvie Lins / Unsplash

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